Metal Powders

Our company supplies a wide variety of metal powders for various applications.

We export a full range of copper based powders, on behalf of Royal Metal Powders Inc. to Canada, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, China, etc. Royal, located in Maryville, Tennessee, is an industry leader of high quality copper based powders. Royal produces water and air atomized powders, offering a wide variety of Copper, Brass, Premix and Pre-Alloyed Bronze Powders, Nickel/Silver, Tin Powder, Electrolytic Copper Powders, Lead Powders, and Phos Copper Powders.

We also supply a variety of other metal powders globally: tungsten powders, carbide powders, stainless steel powders, aluminum powders, etc., for applications such as additive manufacturing, thermal spraying, metal injection molding, powdered metal, etc.